Tie Tuesdays; does it matter?

Tie Tuesday is a common workplace term.  However, is it something that is used for the correct reason; heightening your workplace dress – or just to have a tie on with absolutely anything?  Ties should not just be worn on Tuesday, they are excellent pieces to be worn at any day of the week, Sunday through Saturday.  Do not wear a tie if the rest of your outfit does not work with it; simply adding a tie to an outfit that isn’t dressy or “hip” just makes your addition a detriment.

  • Can you wear a tie with jeans? Yes.  A tie with jeans can look fantastic; however, a tie instantly dresses up an outfit so in order for it to theoretically “work” you will need to wear it more relaxed with the top button unbuttoned.
  • My favorite tie is a Bugs Bunny tie.  Can I wear it? No.
  • Can I wear a tie other days of the week?  Yes, absolutely, in fact I try not to wear ties on “Tie Tuesday” just to be different.  Primarily because of my stance on the day itself.

Wear your tie to add style to your outfit; not only as part of a workplace gimmick.


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