Finding A Gym

Dexter Johnson talks about finding a gym. Physical fitness is absolutely key! There are three things you must think about when deciding on a gym: price, proximity and your overall wants and needs. Implement these tips into your fashion rotation and you will be bound for success.

Clothes brush adds life to your clothes!

A simple brush can really alter the way your clothes look in a meaningful way.  Not only does it help remove lint and buildup from the fibers in the material it also gives the fabric a refreshed appearance.

So, before you go out and start brushing away, there are several steps that must be taken while doing so or you might ruin the fabric you are trying to restore.  I have adhered to the following and have had remarkable results:

  • Lay the article on a flat surface, such as a table or ironing board
  • When removing debris from the fabric brush against the fabric grain/texture
  • Brush with the grain to restore the fabric to it’s normal conditioning

The clothes brush is an essential piece to any wardrobe that will help you keep your clothes in peak condition longer than you can imagine.