Be Confident in YOUR Look

I have said numerous times over and over again that confidence should be the first thing that you should put on in the mornings, that’s before deodorant, a t-shirt and boxers.  Be un-phased by questions that others have or inconsiderate looks, especially if people are hasty in those notions.
We all grow in style little by little each day and each year, take pride in your appearance and always try to put your best foot forward.  If that means that you consistently dressing better than your friends, or people in your office — then so be it.  As the old adage goes, “When you look good, you feel good”, which is very true.  One important thing to remember about clothes is that they are clothes, they should exemplify the qualities that you already have and shouldn’t compensate or make up for anything that you feel like you are lacking.

Guys, have fun and don’t let anyone rain on your parade.  Dress with confidence and work hard to look your best day in and day out.

Spring Cleaning 2016

The time has come to clean and make those closets smile!!  Throughout the year we tend to collect things that we love, like and sometimes just buy for the sake of buying.  What does all of this mean?  You end up with an excess of “things” inside of your closet that you have not worn, worn once or do not wear anymore.  That gives the need for those items to be given away, sold on eBay or otherwise just disposed of completely.
How do we know when it’s time to give some of our beloved wardrobe away?  Follow these 3 guidelines:

  1. Do you spend more than 10-15 digging through clothing trying to find something to wear?
  2. Have you not worn the garment in question in over one year?
  3. Is the garment in question ill-fitting?

If your clothing item or multiple clothing items meet any of the above, it is time to move on and get rid of it!

A lean wardrobe can make it easy to pick out clothes because you have only items that are needed and easily paired with other items within the closet.

Let’s clean those closets and simplify those wardrobes!  Leading to a lean closet with easily matched items that make you look and feel great.