New Quick Tip Posted!

Remember guys, in between my typical episodes of TopNotch Male Style Tips I frequently post in the series “Quick Tips”!  These are short, one-take cell-phone videos that I post whenever I am in a situation that could help the TopNotch audience.

Expect them more often.

View my latest Quick Tip regarding Dress Shirt Care below:

Finding A Gym

Dexter Johnson talks about finding a gym. Physical fitness is absolutely key! There are three things you must think about when deciding on a gym: price, proximity and your overall wants and needs. Implement these tips into your fashion rotation and you will be bound for success.

Clothes brush adds life to your clothes!

A simple brush can really alter the way your clothes look in a meaningful way.  Not only does it help remove lint and buildup from the fibers in the material it also gives the fabric a refreshed appearance.

So, before you go out and start brushing away, there are several steps that must be taken while doing so or you might ruin the fabric you are trying to restore.  I have adhered to the following and have had remarkable results:

  • Lay the article on a flat surface, such as a table or ironing board
  • When removing debris from the fabric brush against the fabric grain/texture
  • Brush with the grain to restore the fabric to it’s normal conditioning

The clothes brush is an essential piece to any wardrobe that will help you keep your clothes in peak condition longer than you can imagine.

Style Includes Your Health Too!

Why? Style is only about how you dress, how many name brands and how many cool pairs of socks you own, right?

You couldn’t be any more wrong.

Style is YOU encompassed. It is every facet of you put together into this “thing” known as style.  Health is #1, think about it. If your health wasn’t decent (hoping it is great and only getting better) you wouldn’t be able to sit up and read this post right now.


So what things can we all do to improve our health?

  • Exercise
  • Improve our diets
  • Schedule regular doctor’s visits

There will be videos released discussing these topics in depth soon.
Until then, stay TopNotch Stylish my friends.

Style, Fitness, Health & Well-Being

With a new tag-line for the site and online video series, what does it all really mean?  Simple, it means that starting now TopNotch Male Style Tips will be your one stop resource for anything involving being a man from style & fashion to how to entertain that special lady in your life.  In addition, fitness tips and maintaining your overall health and well-being.

There is more to a man than just his clothes (although they are very important).


Season 4 of TopNotch Male Style Tips

“Style, Fitness, Health and Well-Being”, this is the new tagline for TopNotch Male Style Tips — you will soon see changes throughout the blog and YouTube series to reflect these changes!  I am very excited in the new direction that TNST is taking to help try to influence guys in every possible area.

If you have suggestions for episodes please feel free to comment on this post or the Season 4 introduction video below: