Viewer Suggestions and TopNotch Rants Overview

As we are approaching a new year, 2013, I have began the mini-series TopNotch Rants to supplement those weeks that a full episode is not shot.  These have been very well received and your feedback, thumbs up and subscriptions are greatly appreciated!!  You are helping make the TopNotch community better and better.

How?  Easy.  We are building a network of well-intentioned, forward-thinking men that want to dress, look and feel better about themselves!

Now that 2013 is right around the corner what do you want to see from TopNotch Male Style Tips and TopNotch Rants?

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Looking Your Best

I have long been an advocate for dressing your best and always trying to look your best.  This is not in an effort to impress those around you; but to bring your esteem to new levels.  To quote the old saying, “When you look good, you feel good,” this is so true.

One thing that some have a hard time accepting is that looking good does not always require a lot of time or a lot of effort if you build it into your routine.  Below are a list of daily things that should be done before you leave home:

  • Hair grooming
  • Face wash/detail
  • Preparation of clothing for the day
  • Bodily grooming
  • Mind grooming (preparing yourself for the day mentally and having your confidence secured)

A routine is important not just because it can make larger tasks seem simpler; but because it forms a habit.  Before you know it you will have a self checklist etched in your brain that will help you look and feel your best before leaving your home.

Being Comfortable in Your Clothes

Feeling great is at the core of dressing stylish; think about it, who wouldn’t want to feel good in the clothes that they are in?  Whether you are building a new wardrobe or just adding and/or removing a few, make sure that you are comfortable with what these pieces are.  There are look books and guidebooks on the internet relating to men’s style;however, you should incorporate the ideas presented in the resources in your own way.

Whenever you can add a bit of your own flavor to the mix, your personality and confidence will shine through; let it.

In addition, be on the lookout for my latest episode of TopNotch Male Style Tips, which will be uploaded later today.

Welcome to TopNotch Male Style Tips

As you may or may not know, TopNotch Male Style Tips got it’s start on YouTube.  I, Dexter Johnson, created this web-series because I wanted to potentially form a community that centered around men’s fashion, style, and grooming.  So over the past year and a half I have created videos that can help and guide men towards fashion and style elegance.  Not only has developing this series helped those that watch; it has also helped me by ensuring that I am always at my best.

Please enjoy new content and site pages to come.