Does Clothing BRAND Matter?

Polo, Nike, GAP — all of these are popular brand name that you more than likely know and are very familiar with.  However, in the grand scheme of things, the clothing brands that you wear, in specific, do not matter.  Yet, there are important factors to any wardrobe:

  • Comfort.  Are these items comfortable?
  • Style.  Will these items be in style for a while?  Or are the items trendy?
  • Durability.  Will these clothes last after 5 washes, 10 washes — will these items stand the test of time?

Learn about these key aspects in the latest episode of TopNotch Male Style Tips:

New Quick Tip Posted!

Remember guys, in between my typical episodes of TopNotch Male Style Tips I frequently post in the series “Quick Tips”!  These are short, one-take cell-phone videos that I post whenever I am in a situation that could help the TopNotch audience.

Expect them more often.

View my latest Quick Tip regarding Dress Shirt Care below:

Season 4 of TopNotch Male Style Tips

“Style, Fitness, Health and Well-Being”, this is the new tagline for TopNotch Male Style Tips — you will soon see changes throughout the blog and YouTube series to reflect these changes!  I am very excited in the new direction that TNST is taking to help try to influence guys in every possible area.

If you have suggestions for episodes please feel free to comment on this post or the Season 4 introduction video below:

What to Wear to a Party or Social Event

Dexter Johnson speaks on the topic of what you should wear to a party and/or gathering.   Social gatherings are always fun, they bring a lot of people together, allow you to socialize with your peers and allow you to strut your stuff…  If you are going to that social event, you want to stand out, have fun and meet other people — learn how.  Implement these tips into your fashion rotation and you will be bound for success.

Key Points:

  • Be Appropriate for the occasion
  • Stand out and show your own sense of style
  • Wear dark pants if the environment may be chaotic

Socks! Are they that Important?


Dexter Johnson speaks on the topic of men’s socks.  Socks are an item of importance; in fact, any item that is a must wear everyday is of importance.  Not only should socks coordinate with other items in your outfit like your pants and shirt; they must also be appropriate to the arena in which they are worn.  Please be mindful of when and how you wear traditional white socks.  Implement these tips into your fashion rotation and you will be bound for success.

Dry Cleaning Explained; Dryel Review

Dexter Johnson speaks on the topic of dry cleaning.  Dry cleaning is not a magic solution to soiled clothes; there are alternatives to taking your clothes to the cleaners.  Some of these alternatives work and some do not; if you are trying to save money washing and ironing clothes yourself will garner great results.  In addition, whenever caring for your clothes it is highly important that you follow the labels inside your garments.  Quick tip: Never machine wash sport coats, blazers or suit jackets.  Implement these tips into your fashion rotation and you will be bound for success.

Product review [Dryel]:  Absolutely a waste of money, your clothes do not even smell better and certainly are not any cleaner.