Fitness & Health

Is fitness important?  Of course it is.  This is one staple of life that tends to get pushed to the backburner more and more.  Obesity rates are rising at an alarming rate and what are citizens doing?  Some are letting it happen by not watching what they eat and lacking physical exercise.

That is the sad truth.

Another larger truth is that it is sad if you don’t care.  With foods becoming more and more processed it is important to know what you are really putting into your body.  In addition, with more jobs and processes requiring less and less manual labor and intervention we simply do not get the physical exercise required to burn off all of the calories that we consume on a daily basis, which is too many.

Body composition is important if you want to look good in those new clothes you just bought.


Is eating right important?  Eating right is essential for health and a good life.  What you eat is solely your decision.  There is no one holding a gun to your head demanding that you eat another McDouble or Cruchwrap Supreme!  Anything anyone else tells you is not true.  Truth is, a diet rich in lean meats, fruits, vegetables and the occasional cheat will work well for anyone.  The key is counting your calories and making sure you hit your daily caloric needs.  One more thing, 8 glasses of water is not necessarily correct for everyone — the preferred amount is dependent upon body-weight.


Just as an example. Truthfully, you should customize your caloric needs and weight training based on your goals.

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