What to Wear to a Party or Social Event

Dexter Johnson speaks on the topic of what you should wear to a party and/or gathering.   Social gatherings are always fun, they bring a lot of people together, allow you to socialize with your peers and allow you to strut your stuff…..fashion-wise.  If you are going to that social event, you want to stand out, have fun and meet other people — learn how.  Implement these tips into your fashion rotation and you will be bound for success.

Key Points:

  • Be Appropriate for the occasion
  • Stand out and show your own sense of style
  • Wear dark pants if the environment may be chaotic

Viewer Suggestions and TopNotch Rants Overview

As we are approaching a new year, 2013, I have began the mini-series TopNotch Rants to supplement those weeks that a full episode is not shot.  These have been very well received and your feedback, thumbs up and subscriptions are greatly appreciated!!  You are helping make the TopNotch community better and better.

How?  Easy.  We are building a network of well-intentioned, forward-thinking men that want to dress, look and feel better about themselves!

Now that 2013 is right around the corner what do you want to see from TopNotch Male Style Tips and TopNotch Rants?

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TopNotch Rants?

I am considering introducing a mini-series entitled “TopNotch Rants”  in between episodes of TopNotch Male Style Tips.  In this series I will highlight whatever may be on my mind regarding fashion and style at the moment, usually something that I find funny or strange.  These videos will be usually very short so that they do not take time away from regular bi-weekly episodes.

What are your thoughts?

What your appearance says about you

Style is quite a fickle thing isn’t it? Some colors and trends look great on one person while on another person might look horrendous. However, no matter which way you turn this your style not only affects your physical person —  but also everything that you touch.

From your home, your car or your office cubicle — your style runs across all realms that you touch.  You can tell a lot about how one’s house may be kept by simply taking a look at their style and personal dress.  In addition, if a person presents themselves neatly and well dressed, might it be safe to assume that that person’s house is just as neat? Theoretically, the answer to that question is yes.

So your style does not stop at your ankles my friends; it is all throughout your life.  Your presentation tells a lot about many of your stylistic characteristics.

Looking Your Best

I have long been an advocate for dressing your best and always trying to look your best.  This is not in an effort to impress those around you; but to bring your esteem to new levels.  To quote the old saying, “When you look good, you feel good,” this is so true.

One thing that some have a hard time accepting is that looking good does not always require a lot of time or a lot of effort if you build it into your routine.  Below are a list of daily things that should be done before you leave home:

  • Hair grooming
  • Face wash/detail
  • Preparation of clothing for the day
  • Bodily grooming
  • Mind grooming (preparing yourself for the day mentally and having your confidence secured)

A routine is important not just because it can make larger tasks seem simpler; but because it forms a habit.  Before you know it you will have a self checklist etched in your brain that will help you look and feel your best before leaving your home.

Socks! Are they that Important?


Dexter Johnson speaks on the topic of men’s socks.  Socks are an item of importance; in fact, any item that is a must wear everyday is of importance.  Not only should socks coordinate with other items in your outfit like your pants and shirt; they must also be appropriate to the arena in which they are worn.  Please be mindful of when and how you wear traditional white socks.  Implement these tips into your fashion rotation and you will be bound for success.

Dry Cleaning Explained; Dryel Review

Dexter Johnson speaks on the topic of dry cleaning.  Dry cleaning is not a magic solution to soiled clothes; there are alternatives to taking your clothes to the cleaners.  Some of these alternatives work and some do not; if you are trying to save money washing and ironing clothes yourself will garner great results.  In addition, whenever caring for your clothes it is highly important that you follow the labels inside your garments.  Quick tip: Never machine wash sport coats, blazers or suit jackets.  Implement these tips into your fashion rotation and you will be bound for success.

Product review [Dryel]:  Absolutely a waste of money, your clothes do not even smell better and certainly are not any cleaner.

Being Comfortable in Your Clothes

Feeling great is at the core of dressing stylish; think about it, who wouldn’t want to feel good in the clothes that they are in?  Whether you are building a new wardrobe or just adding and/or removing a few, make sure that you are comfortable with what these pieces are.  There are look books and guidebooks on the internet relating to men’s style;however, you should incorporate the ideas presented in the resources in your own way.

Whenever you can add a bit of your own flavor to the mix, your personality and confidence will shine through; let it.

In addition, be on the lookout for my latest episode of TopNotch Male Style Tips, which will be uploaded later today.

Tie Tuesdays; does it matter?

Tie Tuesday is a common workplace term.  However, is it something that is used for the correct reason; heightening your workplace dress – or just to have a tie on with absolutely anything?  Ties should not just be worn on Tuesday, they are excellent pieces to be worn at any day of the week, Sunday through Saturday.  Do not wear a tie if the rest of your outfit does not work with it; simply adding a tie to an outfit that isn’t dressy or “hip” just makes your addition a detriment.

  • Can you wear a tie with jeans? Yes.  A tie with jeans can look fantastic; however, a tie instantly dresses up an outfit so in order for it to theoretically “work” you will need to wear it more relaxed with the top button unbuttoned.
  • My favorite tie is a Bugs Bunny tie.  Can I wear it? No.
  • Can I wear a tie other days of the week?  Yes, absolutely, in fact I try not to wear ties on “Tie Tuesday” just to be different.  Primarily because of my stance on the day itself.

Wear your tie to add style to your outfit; not only as part of a workplace gimmick.

Guide to Ironing Your Clothes

In my latest video I talk about the importance of ironing your clothes. In the third video of three from the “Being A Man” series — this gives you a look at certain things women do; but us guys should do as well! Ironing your own clothes will allow you to get that professional clean and pressed appearance in your own home.  Also, let’s not forget the cost savings of doing it yourself and the additional savings of not having to bug your significant other when they are trying to get ready themselves.  Implement these tips into your fashion rotation and you will be bound for success.