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In January 2011 I created a web-series entitled “TopNotch” Male Style Tips. The focal point of this YouTube based series is to teach young men not only how to dress; but to give them insight into how to succeed in many areas of manhood.  In addition to having access to the YouTube series there will be an “Exclusives” section of videos that are tailored directly to this blog.  In addition, starting in late 2012 I released a mini-series entitled “TopNotch” Rants.  This mini-series focuses on things that irritate me about the male style world from sagging to not shaving unruly facial hair.

Seasons: 4

Episode release schedule: Every other Thursday* for full episodes while rants and quick tips are released sporadically.

Usual run time: 3-6 minutes

View my latest episode on Does Clothing BRAND Matter? :

Episode Description:

Dexter Johnson talks clothing brands. Does the brand of the clothing item you buy really matter?

“Style, Fitness, Health & Well-Being” — this is what defines TopNotch Male Style Tips.

Key Points for picking out a brand:

  • Comfort of the clothing
  • What style of item are you looking to buy?
  • Durability.  Will more expensive clothes hold up to more wears?

Previous episode list:

Season Four

Season Three

Season Two

Season One

TopNotch Rants episode list:

*Friday release schedule may change due to various activities I may have going on for personal reasons, although I will try to stick to it!

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